Do you want to prevent stress in your workplace while ensuring a high degree of resilience and well-being, without spending a large amount of time and money on traditional courses?

This is exactly what you can achieve by offering your employees MYstrain.
MYstrain is an e-learning course that is easy to integrate into your workplace.

MYstrain is an e-learning program that builds on the MINDstrain method.

With MYstrain, your employees will get concrete tools to prevent stress and strengthen their resilience.

No matter how good your company is in creating a good work environment, good managers, right processes and a good balance between tasks and time available, there are employees who experience inappropriate stress.

This is because stress is an inner created state. We can minimize external stressors, and yet pressures, stresses and challenges are part of life. That is why we need to ensure that each employee has the tools to deal with himself if we want to avoid inappropriate stress.


The MYstrain program consists of 20 modules.

Every module contains an animation video, exercises, elaborate material and more.

You get a diploma, when you have completed the program.

You can complete the program at your convenience.



Here you can see the video from module 1.
How do you get motivated?

  • All modules start with an intro
  • Then there is video / animated film
  • After the video the topic will be elaborated and explained
  • In some modules there are tasks and questions
  • There are also elaborated text for each topic you can explore and read


Learn about the MINDstrain method, which is based on the latest research in stress.

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Get in-depth knowledge about the research on which the MINDstrain method is developed.

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In MINDstrain we document the effect of what we offer.

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